The fight against Rhino Poaching in South Africa
A Unitrans Volkswagen initiative

It is widely accepted that the overwhelming majority of the South African population, large and small business and a myriad of institutions, are deeply concerned with the current status quo regarding Rhino poaching. Without detracting from the many generous and selfless sponsorships and contributions made to Conservation and to Counter Poaching in particular, the Volkswagen Divisions of Unitrans Automotive felt that there was a need to get closer to the individuals at the coal face and to assist them in delivering a more effective service. These Field Rangers are up against highly sophisticated criminals and the need is for our Rangers to be equipped, at least, to an equivalent level

SANParks and their Honorary Rangers along with the Unitrans Volkswagen Division have entered into an ongoing Sponsorship Agreement to address these imbalances with the belief that by equipping the Field Rangers to the level of sophistication of the Organised Criminals, we would greatly improve the chances of success. Unitrans Volkswagen will contribute an amount per unit retailed monthly  to a Trust to be administered by Trustees appointed by all the parties concerned. The Trustees will be voluntary and will not be remunerated in any way. All proceeds will therefore be spent exclusively on Counter Poaching.

Over and above the monetary consideration, Unitrans Volkswagen will initially make 2 x Amarok 4X4‘s available, one of which will be allocated to the soon to be established Dog Unit. It is envisaged that this Dog Unit will make a massive impact in the tracking and apprehension of Poachers. The wish list from the more than 400 Field Rangers is for items such as, one man tents, web belts, water bottles, compass’s etc but could also extend to highly sophisticated and expensive items such as night vision glasses and GPS navigation systems.

In year one the aim is to provide more than R5 million to Anti-Rhino Poaching which will be the biggest single sponsorship for this cause in SANPark’s history. The initiative will provide an opportunity for every South African to participate in the war against Rhino Poaching by supporting and purchasing their next new or used vehicle from Unitrans Volkswagen, without disadvantage to any price negotiations.

The greater the support, the greater the sponsorship, and the greater our chances of winning the war against Rhino Poaching. Each year a few lucky supporters will be guests of the SANParks Honourary Rangers in the Kruger National Park to witness firsthand the capturing of game such as Rhino and Elephant for relocation and/or scientific research. 

All South Africans are implored to band together “to make a difference” and we honestly believe that we have devised a vehicle by which we can do just that.

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